Would you like to increase your turnover?

  •    Would you like to increase your turnover?

     Through exploring the Internet and Social Media, Astrid Ventures.LTD sees that all goods and services which are in Social Media, refer to the WEB or Shop. That is all Social Media, Forums, different Portals and so on, but the most interesting are -  Bulletin Boards.

       Just look at how many ads services there are on the Internet? People always have what to sell!

    That is why, Astrid Ventures.LTD considers that a product like Page, Store / Shop, Auction, Buy Group, Ideas, Fundraising is necessary not only to each person, but for the companies as well, of course, at a very affordable price, so that everyone can easily duplicate one`s products and services in those sections that are on the platform in the menu: E-Commerce & E-Business.


    This idea can be realized only on a platform of social networking technology, which allows you to communicate and advertise services, products, engage in creative work online, and immediately sell without going to the WEB, as it happens on the most popular platform eBay.com

    Why your product or service is going to be sold?


       The ideology of the platform is easy!

     The received remuneration in the affiliate program can be easily converted to cash, all 100% of which, of course, you will decide to spend. Is not it?

       Dear partners!

    SocEarn.com recommends to spend up to 50% of rewards in shops of the platform, namely in the sections of the menu: E-Commerce & E-Business!

     For reaching eBusiness platform`s SMM success, which means – to the most extent fill it with legal entities and individuals, SocEarn.com recommends to invite new companies / shops to register and fill in content to those products that you are interested in buying and that you want to spend the earned rewards for!!!! Notify that you are not the only one member, who will be happy to spend his/her rewards for qualitative goods or services. All people want to buy for themselves high quality products and services!


    We are confident that this idea will launch the trade not only for individuals, but also for all companies that provide various goods and services. This is a motivation for all users to invite legal persons to fill the content and provide all their goods and services.
    On the platform everybody gets the profit both from the structure of the affiliate program and from their own retail sales, group deals, auctions, also money is gained for their good ideas and contests.

    Do not miss your chance to increase your turnover, turnover of the company, your store!