How to connect your shop to the payment system?

  • Gateway Payments STORE

    Payments are handled and stored in the social network. You can request withdrawal of your funds which are sent to provided below account on a payment gateway. Please enable the payment gateway using which you would like to get your funds from your account balance. 

    Payment Gateway: PayPal

    Paypal Account Configuration:

    1) If you haven't already, you will need to establish a Paypal account.
    2) Enable API access on your Paypal account via: My Account > Profile > API Access > Request API credentials > Request API Signature.
    3) Insert the Paypal API username, password, and signature values into this form.
    4) Enable Instant Payment Notifications via: My Account > Profile > Instant Payment Notification Preferences > Choose IPN Settings. The IPN messages should be enabled, and the Notification URL should be set to:

    Request Money

    You can control your account balance and withdraw funds. Check your account finance information on the right side:
    Current Balance displays your account's actual balance;
    Withdrawn Amount is a fund you have requested to withdraw, it is under Admin consideration;
    Processing Amount is accepted and sent amount by admin, it is processing so you will receive this fund very soon;
    Transferred Amount has been already withdrawn to your finance account.