Presentation of the eBusiness platform SMM -

  •    eBusiness platform SMM - is a new social and commercial network, which additionally offers RENTAL of software for e-trade or e-commerce!

        Bronze Plan - Registration is FREE. In the free access you have everything what is usual to the normal Social Media, for example, Linkedin, or any other social network. The only difference -  for the activity on the platform you can see the accrual of credits, which, of course, is not money, but a conventional unit. While completing your profile, you will also see how much, how and where your credits are added. Due to the fact that it is - a commercial platform, you can rent the software (see menu E-commerce & Business) in two variants - Choose Plan (Test-Drive) or through Affiliate programs, but along with rewards. (See Menu - Affiliates (Your Back Office) for your business.) 

    Choose Plan or Test-Drive: Choose Plans 20-40-60-80-100 Eur/yearly/20->300 Gb - NO Affiliate: 

      MENU - Home:

    Wall -  Your general news wall.


    Invite - Invite your friends from other Social Media & mail server services;

    Members - all registered users, where you can easily invite  friends;

    Chat - a personal chat, group chat, online games, you can also share a page in the social networks where your CHAT is, to the profile of  your social network;

    Notes - take notes, so that nothing and nobody is forgetten;

    Gifts - Shop virtual gifts for credits;

    Badges - badges to easily categorize your sites for fast retrieval.

          Social Media:

     Albums - create albums and upload photos; 

    Classifieds - apply ads;

    Polls - create your poll;

    Blogs - Keep a diary or write a presentation, or your history;

    Groups - Create a group of like-minded people.

          Affiliates (Your Back Office):

     Affiliate Plans - Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Unlimited – watch presentation in the menu Affiliates - Slideshow or here below


     Credit - is an electronic conventional platform unit, which is accrued for the activity on the platform, that can be replenished and spent on the platform;

     Pages - create a theme site, a site of your legal entity or just about yourself. Your site is connected to your e-shop and all the products are displayed in the menu and on the wall of your site;

    Store - it's your professional online store platform. Enter your Pay Pal account (, make sales and earn, as on e-Bay.

    Auction - is recommended for luxury goods, where all is the same as on e-Bay;

    Buy Group - group deal and the campaign for the event;

    Listings - your detailed suggestions about your service, product, or WEB, also about everything that is on the platform; choose the desired category, fill in product content, connect all with the WEB and make the sale.


     Ideas - create your idea and share it with your friends;

    Fundraising - Fundraise for your idea, if you have a lot of fans of your idea;

    Social Ads - paid advertising platform: €25.00 - ads220x220px; €75.00 - ads880x150px; €50.00 - ads660x150px; €100.00 - ads1100x150px for 5000 IMPRESSIONS; Accept Pay Pal /

    Contests - email us a contest you want to run (All Categories).


     Social Media Importer - integrate your albums and photos directly on the platform, into your profile, without wasting a lot of time;

     Social Bridge - automatically share all your news in your social network, your profile, on a wall or site.


    Events - create your events and invite your friends;

    Music - download your favorite music;

    Video - duplicate platform video from Youtube & Vimeo, you can also upload it.


     Astrid Ventures LTD - informational site about business area of platform of Astrid Ventures.LTD company;

    FORUM - offer for IT professionals;

    FAQ - all questions and answers about the platform;

    TOP SEO: here are the most active users, who will always receive gifts on annual events from the company Astrid Ventures.LTD;

     P.S.  Bronze Free 500 Mb.Once you run out of space on hosting, the next year you will be prompted again to choose a plan. If you decided not to choose a paid plan, you can again choose Bronze Free!

       In the affiliate program there are 5 plans with annual subscription: Silver 20 EURO, Gold 40 EURO, Platinum 60 EURO, Diamond 80 EURO, Unlimited 100 EURO. Accept Pay Pal /

     1. Silver Plan 20 EURO/yearly - 20 Gb Hosting + invite 2 partners from eCommerce PRO Group.

    Accept Pay Pal / !   This plan as an entrance to Astrid VIP Platform.

     2. Gold Plan 40 EURO/yearly - 50 Gb Hosting + invite 2 partners from eCommerce PRO Group.

     3. Platinum Plan 60 EURO/yearly - NO Limit Hosting + invite 2 partners from eCommerce PRO Group.

     4. Diamond Plan 80 EURO/yearly - NO Limit Hosting + invite 2 partners from eCommerce PRO Group.

     5. Unlimited Plan 100 EURO/yearly - NO Limit Hosting - invite 2 partners from eCommerce PRO Group  ASTRID Ventures Affiliate programs

       Regarding the payment from the Partner Program:

    Tier Level (TL) 1- 10%, TL 2- 5%, TL 3- 2.5%, TL 4- 1.25%, TL 5- 0.6%, TL 6- 0.3%, TL 7- 0.15%, TL 8- 0.07%, TL 9- 0,03%, TL 10- 0.01%, more 10 level 20- 0.01%. shares profits with its users for their completed work, which is - filling the content, activity on the service, for the invitation to the service (Invite, APP Mobile, Presentations, Personal invitations), and particularly for purchases in all service platform stores.

       How does Live Queue in the affiliate program of commercial e-platform with free registration to the platform and an annual rental of software for e-commerce work?

     View Slideshow - 5 STEPs in the Affiliates menu or in this table.

      After registration in the Bronze plan FREE you can go to the group`s eCommerce PRO page, join and wait until the member of the Affiliate platform will contact you- Affiliates (Back Office). Register with the referral link by paying for the selected plan and verifying all software for commerce. For further enterance in the Affiliate menu: Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond / Unlimited.
    After making the payment, please do not forget to disconnect from the eCommerce PRO Group group!!!

      Apply social networking technology  and software for commerce for their own benefit by joining a group eCommerce PRO and registering in your business office, where the marketing affiliate program registers all partners sequentially due to a live queue, uniformly filling the entire matrix 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256+512+1024+2048+4096+8192+16384+32768+65536+131072+262144+524288+10485763! For all affiliate program questions, please join the group  eCommerce PRO

      Platform payments:

    1. Choose Plan - Accept Pay Pal /!.

    2. E-Commerce & E-Business - New Marketplace (Buy / Sell) - Accept Pay Pal /

    3. ASTRID Affiliate Plans - Accept Pay Pal / Accept Pay Pal /!

     Astrid eBusiness VIP Ideology - +/- 50% of the rewards are recommended to be spent in the mas platform shops!!



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