How To Level Your Character Fast In DOFUS Touch

  • There are lots of end game content in DOFUS Touch: Monsters, PvP, guilds and incredible gear. However, all these content requires we get to the max level in the game. So how can we level fast to get the max level in DOFUS Touch as soon as possible?


    The first thing is knowing your class. Whether you are a Iop or a Cra, a Feca or a Sacrier, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is essential if you want to level faster. Power leveling is all about making the most amount of damage with the least down time. Each class has different strategies to achieve this and by mastering them you will get the highest XP rate possible for your class.



    You also need to chose the appropriate build for leveling. Again, the key here is doing the most damage and reducing down time - this will allow you to get the most experience in the least time. So, in general, builds geared toward damage are perfect.


    Another important information is the levels at which your class gets skill upgrades. Any decent DOFUS Touch level guide will tell you this and you can then plan your trips to the city around them. I remember when I was a newbie I often had to spend time traveling back to the city for my skill upgrades ten minutes after I had just been there.


    Knowing which skills your class should invest in to do the most damage should also be in your priorities. If you can support the cost of investing in the appropriate equipment you will have an edge over people who simply equip what they come by.


    Finally, you need an DOFUS Touch level guide that details the best quests. In DOFUS Touch questing is the fastest way to level (the real power leveling technique). There are some quests that are pure junk and take way too much time to complete compared to the reward they give. But a good guide will tell them from the other quests, quests that can fire up your XP rate.


    After knowing the basics of which areas are good for your level (unless you want to be killing mobs for no experience or dying all the time), you should have a idea for what quest path you should choose. Knowing the best quest path is the key to power leveling in DOFUS Touch because it cuts on the time spent traveling around while increasing the XP you get.


    Hope the above tips will make some sense for you. More DOFUS Touch guide please check our website, and you can also buy Dofus Touch Kamas service from if you have no time to farming Kamas and leveling your character in DOFUS Touch.