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  • In Albion Online, every item can be purchased with ingame currency. Other games have items that can only be attained through skill, progression or luck. Gamers can buy the best items / materials / plots of land ingame with cheap albion online gold.

    In guild wars it is expensive to keep an army in the best possible gear. Having a credit card makes losing items trivial and ultimately when two guilds are evenly matched on skill and numbers, the war will be one with who can keep supplying their army with items. It's undeniable that cheap albion online gold for sale.

    Especially in Albion, you will spend hours to get to another tier of items, and if you're a harvester it's even more ridiculous because resources are scattered all over the huge world, they're very limited, there's a lot of other players looking for it, and you get overweight easily, so you'll have to run back to bank a lot.

    If you're a crafter then after hitting T3 you'll see that you have to choose what you want to craft, because exp gained from crafting will count only towards this item - as in I can only craft T4 leather hoods, and thats' it, can't craft the chest or boots.

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