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  • WeigRate Auction

    How it Works

    Learn About Weigrate Auction

    Bidding on most Auctions starts at $0! The final price determined solely by the buyer (bidder), not by the seller - that means that here no hidden reserves! Get ready for amazing deals on WeigRate.com, it is possible to win products for up to 98% off retail price. Say goodbye to boring online purchases and crowded malls. Let us introduce you to the new concept of penny auctions and find out for yourself how much fun entertainment shopping can be. Bring some excitement to your shopping—feel the thrill of real Auctions. You can earn free bids, spin the wheel get the bonus. Unlike other auction sites, here you can find a list of any tiems - original, branded new, refurbished, all items are posted by their owners and not by Weigrate Ltd team. You don’t have to worry about long shipping times, either. All packages from WeigRate.com are delivered quickly by reputable carriers, all payments are secured, every member of auction is safe and protected by Weigrate Ltd Team and agencies.

    Our steps in details for Bidder
    01 Register on the website, complite your profile with all information required.
    Follow all steps to add complited address for billing and shipping.
    Upload your personal and company documents in case you set your profile as a business. All details and documents will be reviewed within 24 hours and confirmed or you might receive some admin message to edit your personal information or reload documents. You will not be permitted to purchase any bids or do any other financial activity on the website until your profile is verified.
    02 Check all packages at PACKAGES , decide which package is right for you.
    Purchase the bid package.
    03 Earn 10 free bids each time you refer a user who signs up and purchases some bids.
    Ask the new user to enter in your username or email address in the Refer box when they register, or ask them to visit the following link: REFERAL LINK
    Win Free Bids at FREE BIDS WHEEL.
    05 Find what you need, check prices.
    Create Bidding strategy.

    Start BIDDING

    06 All auction based on Auction Target price, so winner is not the person who made a bid and timer reach zero, but winner is the person who’s bid will be the last to reach auction target price.
    1 if win - then 5 days to pay auction fees - auction target price
    2 if not win - do not delay to return your bids, or you can return bids once they are checked to your refund with in 30 days , how to return bids read here
    3 if auction has been closed because target price hasn;t been reached then all bids will be returned for free with in 5 working days additional terms may apply in case of auction items status)
    08 Once you've payed auction fees - target price, then seller will receive a note to deliver your item to a customs warehouse or other delivery option. All delivery documents with tracking number (if it will be available) will be sent to your email which is indicated in your profile.
    09 Once item received - please RATE seller.
    And seller will rate you.
    Send a feedback and rate seller and his services.
    10 As higher rate you have as more peoples will trust you!!!