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  • eBusiness SMModerator WRT - WRTw - WRTe are decentralized currencies designed for users who value privacy and purpose.
    November 11, 2017
  • adv software 9 easy tricks to avoid password recovery related issues Through password people can able to access their email account and do various jobs. That’s why they need to protect their password very well. When it comes to protecting bigpond email password, people need to be familiar with the technical stuffs. But most of the people don’t have technical knowledge. That’s why it is necessary for them to take expert guidance. Bigpond technical team are very much concerned about the user, that’s why they provide bigpond webmail password recovery number. Through this number they advice the users how to protect the email account by recovering password or how to strengthen the password strength etc. Bigpond technicians assure the users if they follow proper instructions then they will be able to recover their password. But before discussing the steps of password recovery, they give some tips to avoid same problem in near future. Check out the do’s and don’ts - # Users should not share their password with someone else. # Users need to create a strong password. Bigpond technicians suggest the users to mix the word with number and alphabets. It will confuse the hackers. # If required, users can use the 2 step authentication process. # Users should not change the password too frequently. If they need to change the password, they should keep a note of the newly created password. # During using the public wi fi users need to be careful. # Users should use a strong antivirus. # Users should log out from public computer after using. # Users should not reply of those mails which claim winning a prize or lottery. Bigpond technicians advice them not to reply of those mails or click on any given link. # Bigpond technicians also suggest being online at the bigpond account to avoid blocking related issues. If the users become irregular visitor in their account, then there is a chance of being blocked. But above mentioned suggestions will work only when users are free from password recovery issues related matters. But what about then, when they have a compromised account and need to recover password as urgent basis? There is solution too. Bigpond technicians provide guidance to the users which will help to get control over their account by recovering the password. * Firstly, users need to visit the big pond webpage. * Secondly, users need to type users name and password. * Next, users need to choose the ‘’my big pond’’ from the account services. * Then, users are need to click on the ‘’change password’ option. * Then , users have to follow some rules and regulations. * After that, users need to press the ‘’confirm’’ option to agree on the rules. * Then, users can check the password by log in their account. If the users face any difficulties to follow those steps then they can dial the <a href="">bigpond webmail password recovery number</a>. This helpline number is toll free. Users can dial that number any time in day & night as it is a 24x7 hours based service. Technicians have immense patience to understand their problems and always ready to provide high solutions for them.
    August 21, 2017